When writing a subject line for an invitation email, the goal is to pique your attendees’ interest. Subject lines for event invitations should be brief, informative, and intriguing. You should provide just enough details that the recipient will want to open up the email and learn more.

There are many strategies to help subject lines perform better: segmenting your mailing list, testing your subject lines, and experimenting with length. Improve your entire email marketing campaign with these subject line tips and examples.

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Table of contents

Tips for writing effective subject lines

How to write a preheader that complements your subject line

Subject lines for your first event invitation email

Subject lines that encourage RSVPs

Subject lines for inviting returning attendees

Subject lines for a last-minute reminder email

Subject lines for speaker and performer announcements

Subject lines for an event follow-up

Subject lines for virtual events

Tips for writing effective subject lines

Event invitation subject lines must be well-written to draw your reader in and make them want to learn more.

First, make sure your subject line is concise. You want to get your message across in five to seven words or about 40 characters. Remember, many recipients will be viewing the email on mobile devices, so you want the complete subject line to be visible on any device. Your subject lines should give just enough detail to intrigue your readers and push them to open up the email for more information.

Next, tap into readers’ emotions when crafting an invitation subject line. You can do this in several ways. Create FOMO (fear of missing out) when publicising your event. Or, add a sense of urgency if few tickets are remaining. Offer a teaser about your event in the subject line to create mystery and entice recipients to read on.

Personalising your subject lines can also increase engagement. Research shows that emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. One simple way to personalise the email is by including your recipient’s name in the subject line. If you have an established relationship with your email target, go for more in-depth personalisation. For example, reference their previous attendance at your events with the subject line “See you again soon?”

Common subject line mistakes and how to avoid them

Avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Writing long, hard-to-follow subject lines
  • Using punctuation, which can bump up your character count
  • Using all capital letters
  • Including misleading information to get your reader to open the email

Fortunately, these common mistakes are easy to avoid. Focus on catchy, accurate subject lines with low character counts. Keep the caps lock off unless you need to emphasise certain words. Check out these event invitation examples and learn how to write the perfect event invitation email with our top tips.

You can also take inspiration from these event invitation emails done right.

How to write a preheader that complements your subject line

The preheader is the summary text that appears below the subject line in your inbox. When written thoughtfully, the preheader should complement your subject line and make your email invitation more enticing. Follow these tips when composing preheaders:

  • Keep preheaders short, so they don’t truncate. Aim for 50 to 100 characters for your preheader text.
  • Carry the same tone from your subject line into your email. Whether you’re writing more formally about an upcoming event or using conversational language, apply a consistent tone throughout.
  • Provide additional information to entice the reader to open the email.
  • Use actionable language to encourage readers to open the email and learn more about your event.
  • Evaluate your subject line and preheader combinations to determine which ones perform best.

Sample preheaders

Not sure where to start when writing your preheader? Check out these samples for some inspiration:

Preheaders for your first event invitation email

  • [Event Name] is on [Date]. Get your tickets now!
  • Tickets for [Event Name] go on sale soon. Learn how to get yours!

Preheaders that encourage RSVPs

  • Only [X] days remain to get your tickets to [Event Name]. Don’t delay!
  • Reserve your tickets now so you don’t miss [Event Name/Performer Name]!

Preheaders for inviting returning attendees

  • Come back to [Event Name] for [event details such as speakers or performers]
  • We’ve missed you! Let’s meet again at [Event Name] on [Event Date]

Preheaders for a last-minute reminder email

  • Don’t miss out on all the fun! Get your tickets to [Event Name] before it’s too late!
  • Don’t forget about us! Tickets to [Event Name] are ready and waiting for you

Preheaders for speaker and performer announcements

  • Introducing a [speaker/performer] lineup that we know you’ll love!
  • Meet our lineup of [speakers/performers] at [Event Name]

Preheaders for an event follow-up

  • Your feedback counts! Let us know how we did at [Event Name]
  • Let’s make next year even better! Give us your feedback on [Event Name]

Preheaders for virtual events

  • Staying home can be fun, too! Join us at our virtual [Event Name]
  • Stream [Event Name] from the comfort of home. Get your tickets today!

Subject lines for your first event invitation email

When it comes to your first invite to an event, you need to create urgency and build excitement in the subject line to get the reader to open the email. So whether it’s an amazing concert, a networking and industry meetup, or a food experience unlike any other, make it irresistible for recipients with a great hook. Another tactic is personalisation – using a recipient’s name or city can encourage them to keep reading.

  • [Name], don’t miss out: [Event Name]
  • Largest [Event Type] in [Location]: [Event Name]
  • Coming Soon: The Best [Event Type] in [Location]
  • Hi [Name], free on [Date]? Join us at [Event Name]!
  • [Name], it’s time to get your tickets

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Subject lines that encourage RSVPs

You want to know who’s coming to your event, so lock in those RSVPs via email. These emails are a practical way to follow up with potential attendees who haven’t RSVP’d yet, and an RSVP subject line – when done right – can hook them. Your email will remind them that your event is coming up and encourage them to register or secure their tickets. When crafted properly, these RSVP email subject lines can help boost attendance:

  • [Name], see you at [Event Name]?
  • [Name], we’re saving you a seat
  • Join fellow [description of attendees] at [Event Name]
  • Don’t miss out on [Event Name]
  • Don’t forget: X days left to register for [Event Name]

Subject lines for inviting returning attendees

Your returning attendees want to feel special and appreciated, especially if they’ve been attending your events for a long time. Highlight discounted prices or unique perks for returning fans to show them you value them.

Another useful technique is segmentation, or dividing your email list into relevant target groups (demographics or geography, for example). This lets you create subject lines that resonate with different audiences. Check out these “you’re invited” email subject lines.

  • Special, early bird offer for our fans!
  • Exclusive ticket price just for [Name]
  • Hi [Name], it’s here: [Event Name + Year]
  • We’re back – and you should be too!
  • [Name,] let’s meet again at [Event Name]

Subject lines for a last-minute reminder email

Sometimes people wait until the last minute to sign up for an event – or they forget they ever signed up. When sending out last-minute reminders, create a sense of urgency and FOMO to get them to open the email.

  • Last chance to see [Speaker/Performer] live at [Event Name]!
  • [Event Name] is almost sold out, [Name]. Get your tickets now!
  • You’re about to miss [Event Name]! Get your tickets before they sell out
  • Last call for tickets!
  • Uh-oh, [Name] – you forgot to register for [Event Name]!
  • Don’t forget: your tickets to [Event Name] are waiting!

Subject lines for speaker and performer announcements

There’s nothing more exciting than announcing your hard-won speaker or performer lineup. That’s the moment when you can lean in to attract potential event-goers to your conference or festival and build up enthusiasm with your audience. Introduce your speakers and performers with a catchy subject line that draws your potential attendees in.

B2B events:

  • Meet the speakers at [Event Name]!
  • This session on [topic] will have your LinkedIn circles talking
  • Don’t miss [Keynote] on [Date] at [Event Name]!
  • [Name], learn from the experts at [Event Name]

B2C events:

  • [Name], your Instagram feed will be full of this in [Month]
  • Grab your VIP tickets to watch [Performer Name]
  • [Year] lineup at [Event Name], featuring [Performer Name]!
  • [Performer] fan? We’ve got your tickets, [Name]!

Invitation letter for event follow-up

Many event promoters put a ton of time and effort into their promotional emails and then neglect their post-event communications. Yet, your follow-up email is one of the most important you’ll ever send. Why? Because you can say thanks while asking for attendee feedback. Learn how to gain valuable insight by surveying your attendees.

  • Take this survey and help us improve [Event Name]
  • What did you think of [Event Name]? We’d love to know!
  • [Name], it was great to have you at [Event Name]
  • [Name], please share your thoughts on [Event Name]!
  • Help us make next year’s [Event Name] better than ever

Check out these tips on how to write the perfect post-event thank you email.

Subject lines for virtual events

If you’re promoting a virtual event, send emails to share key details and get the word out. Virtual event-goers will need to know how the event will be delivered (livestreamed or recorded?) and what platform they’ll use to access it. When developing your virtual event subject lines and emails, brainstorm how to entice potential attendees. For example, highlight how you’ll make it interactive and engaging even in a virtual space. Check out these subject line ideas for virtual events:

  • Join us at [Event Name] from the comfort of home!
  • Come to [Event Name], [Name]: no travel required!
  • Let’s learn together at [Event Name]
  • A concert from your couch with [Performer Name]
  • [Name], the wait is almost over: [Event Name] is ready to stream

Don’t let your event invitation emails go unopened. A catchy subject line for event emails draws readers in, giving them just enough information to want to read on. Paired with well-written preheaders, your subject line can boost email open rates. Use these sample email subject lines as inspiration as you compose attention-grabbing emails.

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