This is a guest post originally written by Megan O’Neill, former Senior Content Marketing Manager at Animoto, in 2018. This post was updated in 2023 to contain updated, relevant information.

Searching for event video examples to improve attendance at your events? Look no further. According to Hubspot, in 2022, 87% of video marketers reported that video generates a positive ROI, a massive jump from the 33% who reported the same back in 2015. Video offers a world of opportunity when it comes to marketing everything, including events, but getting started may feel daunting. What type of videos should you make? How can you create them? Do you need to hire a professional?

Successful video examples are one of the best ways to inspire ideas and jumpstart video creation. Here’s a collection of event video examples (including several customisable templates that you can easily make your own) to inspire you with ideas for promoting your events with video.

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What are event videos and why should you use them?

What are different types of event videos?

Excite your guests with these event video ideas

Event teaser video ideas

Event video ideas for during your event

Promo video ideas for after your event

How three creators use video in their event marketing

7 Event promo video examples to inspire your next campaign

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What are event videos and why should you use them?

Event videos are a great way to generate engagement from potential event attendees online, which can massively improve ticket sales. Many of these typically take the form of teasers and promos that provide an audiovisual taster for what your event entails and leave invitees wanting more. Others capture the magic of past events as part of a broader event marketing campaign for the creator.

What are the different types of event videos?

Event videos are as varied as the events themselves. Three timing options play different roles in an event life cycle, so it’s worth exploring the different options for your video strategy. An even recap video documents a previous event, often in hopes of tantalising guests into attending another. Preview-style videos promote an upcoming event, while real-time videos capture what’s happening at an event during its actual occurrence.

Excite your guests with these ideas

These event promo video examples will leave your guests counting down the days to the big day. Check out some of the options below, and choose a model that best suits the needs of your event type.

Event teaser video ideas

Your use of video can begin as soon as you begin promoting your event. Video is a great way to really show people what they can expect from your event. Including photos and video clips from previous events to illustrate what’s to come inspires excitement and FOMO, leading to more registrations.

Ticket launch video

Here’s an example of a ticket launch video that you can actually customise to make your own. It was crafted to build awareness and excitement that will improve ticket sales for your event.

PRO TIP: You’ll notice that this example not only includes video footage of performers but also pictures of attendees and their families having a good time. This mix is effective because it gives potential registrants an idea of the lineup they can expect, while also showcasing the fun atmosphere that the event offers.

Pre-event announcement video

Following your ticket launch, new details about your event are likely to emerge. Perhaps a new speaker or performer has joined your lineup. Perhaps new vendors have come on board. Video is a nice way to share these updates, as illustrated in this example which is also a template you can use for your event.

PRO TIP: You know your audience better than anyone. Before creating this type of video, ask yourself what updates your attendees would be the most excited about. Put those at the beginning of your video to capture viewers’ attention.

Event reminder video with FAQ

You’ve probably got an FAQ about your event on your website. But for attendees that don’t want to search for answers, a video can be a fun way to share answers to the most common questions about your event: When does registration begin? Where should they go and when? Are there any special hashtags or themes they should be aware of? Here’s another example you can make your own.

PRO TIP: Most attendees want to know the who, what, when, and where of an event. Make sure you answer questions about key details like venue, timing, and ticket pricing as promptly as possible.

Event video ideas for during your event

If you’ve caught the video bug following your pre-event marketing, sharing a few videos during your event can be a fun way to keep the momentum going. Short videos for social media showcasing what’s going on during your event can serve a few purposes:

  • Help attendees share their experiences with their friends in real-time, which spreads the word about your event
  • Create organic marketing material that encourages shining testimonials from your guests
  • Inspire fear of missing out (FOMO) in those who couldn’t make the event, so they’ll prioritise the next one!

If it sounds like a lot of work to create videos during your event, remember that your attendees may be doing the legwork for you. Keep an eye on social media and look for videos posted on your event hashtag (if you’ve got one), tagging your event, or posted at the location of your event. Simply share these videos on your event social profiles (giving credit to the creator, of course).

PRO TIP: Hold on to the videos you share during your event. The footage you shoot could come in handy for event recaps or marketing for your next event.

Promo video ideas for after your event

Video can help your event live on, even after the attendees have gone home. Use video footage and photos you shot during the event or, as we mentioned above, bolster it with footage and photos shot by event attendees and shared to social media, to create a recap of what went down. It’ll give attendees the chance to relive the excitement and non-attendees the chance to peek at what they’re missing out on – and hopefully buy a ticket for the next event!

You can also repackage content from your event in video form. If you have performers, isolate individual performances and upload them to YouTube or share them on your social profiles. If you have speakers, edit their content to create educational videos.

Event recap video

Here’s an example of an event recap video created by Eventbrite organiser, Like A Local Tours.

Video Inspiration For Year In Review

PRO TIP: When creating videos to share on social media, remember that timing is key. Make sure you post your content at the optimal time of day to improve engagement.

How three creators use video in their event marketing

Still hunting down some event-teaser video ideas and other promo-video ideas to help level up your event? Check out the innovative ways that these three creators got the job done.


VHR is an international technical recruitment company. We use video to promote all the events we host, as well as vacancies and opportunities within the business. We find it to be a more engaging medium than others and allows us to communicate quickly and effectively, in places that we know our audience will be.

“We also filmed the event, live-streaming it to our audience via Facebook Live, which achieved 3,460 impressions and 111 engagements. We’ve also been able to utilise these videos as collateral post-event to engage with new and existing audiences.”

BlueSky PR

“The three main ways [BlueSky PR] uses video are: to promote events, as an enhancement to traditional blog content and as a social media teaser. However, our use of video is constantly expanding (such as documenting client case studies and testimonials) in line with the increasing popularity of video.

“We find that videos on social drive the most engagement in terms of event sign-ups – on Twitter, in particular, we have had a lot of success in achieving webinar signups from our teaser style videos. These are really quick and easy to create – I’m talking a matter of minutes – using a tool called Lumen5.”

The Blues Kitchen

“[The Blues Kitchen finds] video is generally the most effective way of selling tickets; a video can explain to people what the event is about without them having to read anything. Given how difficult it is to grab people’s attention on social media, if we can do this by posting a video it makes the job of selling tickets a lot easier.”

“When promoting well-known artists, a short clip of them performing always does well with audiences who know them. When we’re promoting, say, a Fleetwood Mac Special, we tend to convert old Fleetwood Mac footage into a promo video for the night.”

7 Event promo video examples to inspire your next campaign

Take a look at some of the following ideas before you get started on the marketing plan for your next event.

1. The high-energy dance party video

The Jai Ho! video here conveys all the fun and sparkle of a Bollywood dance party. Recreate its success with similar snapshots of music and dancing, and make sure you know your best practices for increasing Instagram engagement.

2. The enticing food festival promo

One of the best event highlight video examples out there is this promo for the Tampa Bay Wine and Food Festival, which captures its audience’s attention with short, sweet, enticing clips of what its guests can expect of the event – and you can do the same by capturing the incredibly good eats from your foodie event on tape.

3. The atmospheric explainer video

The URUBU School of Transformational Arts explains ecstatic dance in this explainer video, which provides both helpful information on what it entails, and well-selected images of people enjoying a past event. Emulate its style by crafting a short elevator pitch on your event that pairs well with elements that translate well to video.

4. The panel talk trailer video

This Gold Beams video highlights some of the talking points on a panel it’s promoting and draws guests in with hints of key discussion topics that will be expanded upon at the event. Do the same for a similar event by listing your main discussion points and recording them in video format, so your guests know what to expect.

5. The invite from an influencer video

SEED Food and Wine Festival does a great job of creating a video-style invitation with an enticing influencer collaboration. See if this approach is right for you by tracking metrics on working with influencers.

6. The class promo that makes you feel like you’re there

This Sound Off video artfully captures the vibe of the experiences with immersive videography effects. Replicate the same event video style by shooting clips from the perspective of an attendee, using sound mixing and camera angles to help viewers imagine themselves present in the same moment.

7. The emotive charity video

The two-day Festival of Urgent Reinventions uses a short, snappy video to capture some of the major issues facing the world today, which provokes a visceral response in the viewer with its heartfelt call to action. Show why your cause deserves attention by creating a promo along similar lines that tugs at people’s heartstrings and piques their interest in what you’re doing.

Start your event video marketing campaign today

Now that you’ve got all the inspiration you need to build an amazing event video, it’s time to get your feet wet! Check out the full suite of Eventbrite’s marketing tools for creators to ensure that your next event is a hit.