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Accountant Practices CPD Event in association with PwC

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There will be four guest speakers for this event.

Speaker 1 : Customs and Brexit Updates with Jennifer Hawkins 9.30am- 10.30am

Jennifer delivered PwC Ireland’s first Brexit project pre-referendum. Since then (in addition to her regular non-Brexit work), she has been supporting clients from many sectors in understanding, and preparing, for Brexit.

Jennifer is a trade lawyer by background. She previously worked in specialised trade firms in Geneva, as well as in Washington DC for one of the architects of the World Trade Organization, and at the IMF and WTO.

Speaker 2 : The modern Revenue audit and employer tax obligations with Ciara O'Connor 10.30am - 11.30pm

Ciara will cover the following –

  • Revenue compliance interventions - a changing landscape
  • Revenue realignment
  • e-Audits and what does that mean
  • What's in focus
  • Key employment tax areas to consider

Ciara is a Senior manager with over 15 years’ experience based in our South East offices specialising in Employer taxes, income taxes, pensions and Revenue interventions

Ciara has been assisting a range of clients in remaining compliant with their employer tax obligations for many years and has extensive experience in dealing with Revenue audits and other interventions

Ciara is an active member of the PwC Revenue Audit Hub and has been involved in a significant number of Revenue audit disclosures and negotiations

In addition to being a Chartered Tax Advisor, Ciara is also a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) and has assisted her clients in the area of pensions and wealth management

Ciara also supports a range of individual clients with their personal tax compliance obligations and other tax

Speaker 3 : Pensions with Marc Cosgrove

Marc will talk about:State Pension - an old age issue!

• Auto-enrolment - what will it look like?

• IORP II & changing pension regulations

• Master Trusts - an answer to IORP II?

• Saving for retirement - am I on target?

• Tax planning - the role of pensions

Marc is a Senior Manager with over 29 years’ experience and is responsible for the Group Pensions and Personal Financial Planning service offering of PwC in the South East. He works with a range of corporate & personal clients – providing advice on staff pensions & financial/taxation planning.

His role includes assisting employers & scheme trustees in their respective responsibilities regarding staff pensions including provision of member presentations/clinics. He provides rounded and independent advice to individuals covering taxation, investment & pension matters each of which are key elements of personal financial planning.

Lunch Break 12.30pm - 2pm

Speaker 4 : EQ with Michael Cox 2pm - 5pm


The aim of the programme is achieve a quantum leap in using Emotional Intelligence to unlock, harness, develop and maximise full potential of individuals and teams by identifying and working to people’s strengths to increase performance, productivity and profitability


At the end of the training participants will be able to

• Develop a greater understanding of oneself (Intrapersonal Intelligence) and how other people are 'wired' (Interpersonal Intelligence)

• Achieve a greater empathy and understanding of what motivates and de-motivates us and people around us

• Recognise/appreciate differing types of 'wiring' and adapt behaviour and communication accordingly

• Embrace difference and achieve competitive advantage from difference.


Unit 1 Howard Gardiners Multiple Intelligences: EQ Defined

Unit 2 Intrapersonal Intelligence

Unit 3 Interpersonal Intelligence

Unit 4 Making Emotional Intelligence work for you


The programme is delivered in a highly participatory manner. A range of interactive tools are employed to ensure focused, action orientated and balance participation. The programme is delivered in a light hearted manner and focuses on relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes that deliver results.

Michael Cox designs and implements company-wide training strategies. He develops and delivers training programmes that are at the cutting edge; specifically in the human resource area of management and leadership development.

Michael is one of Ireland’s foremost trainers and training consultants, fast gaining an international reputation as a leading light in Emotional Intelligence and Management Development, having presented as far afield as Durban, Washington DC, Turkey, Swaziland, Belgium and the UK.

Michael’s company, MCX Training & Development provides half day, one day and two day workshops on Emotional Intelligence.

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