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Offer added value and convenience with custom event tickets

Grow your business with the flexibility to design custom ticket types and offer special discounts that suit your unique events.

Create your event with the best online event ticketing system

Easily create, edit, and sell digital custom tickets as printable PDF attachments on a trusted platform.

Grow attendance with a smarter custom ticket pricing strategy

Eventbrite provides you with the data analytics to develop a competitive, value-based custom ticket pricing model with confidence.

Provide a seamless online registration experience

Delight your attendees with a quick and easy checkout, featuring custom ticket types that meet their needs and budget.

Create your event with the best online event ticketing system

Custom tickets

Event creation and ticketing tools

Our suite of software solutions give you all the tools to post your event and build your own professional online ticketing system in just minutes.

Selling and distributing custom tickets online with Eventbrite is easier than ever. Digital event tickets are auto-generated and sent to your attendees as a printable PDF attachment with order confirmation emails.

Customizable event pages

Provide a delightful experience for your attendees with customizable event pages that enable quick and secure ways to buy event tickets online.

Analytics and insights

Optimize your custom ticket pricing strategy and increase attendance with actionable insights from automated sales reports.

Grow attendance with a smarter custom ticket pricing strategy

Custom tickets

Flexible ticket types and discounts

With Eventbrite Professional or Premium packages, custom ticket pricing is simple. Easily create multiple ticket types featuring diverse discount levels, such as Early Bird or VIP, to offer a dynamic portfolio of custom ticket prices with different benefits for different audiences.

Flexible custom ticket pricing options will help drive conversions and grow attendance with the optimal variety of custom ticket types and price points for your target audience segments.

Automated sales reports

Get real-time access to detailed sales reports, fees, charges, credits, and past payout information — to gain a deeper understanding of your ticketing revenue.

Audience reports & insights

Discover where your ticket sales are coming from, and get detailed information about your ticket buyers, event attendance, and more.

Provide a seamless online registration experience

Custom tickets

Mobile payment methods

With Apple Pay and Google Pay, your attendees can safely and quickly buy tickets from their smart devices with just one click.

Embedded checkout

Sell more tickets online with Eventbrite's easy-to-use Embedded Checkout functionality. Your attendees can complete their online ticket purchase without ever having to leave your event website or blog. As a bonus, your attendees will appreciate event ticket printing in just two steps.

Eventbrite Organizer app

Track all ticket sales in real-time and quickly complete attendee check-ins on the go with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Custom tickets

How can I create printable custom tickets for my event?

With Eventbrite, it’s easy to create, edit, and send printable custom tickets to your event attendees. Our online ticketing system automatically generates and distributes digital event tickets as a PDF attachment with order confirmation emails. Attendees can easily download and print tickets via the Eventbrite app after completing their online order. Event ticket printing has never been easier!
custom tickets
[Eventbrite’s] really easy to use. We create the codes for discounts and VIP complimentary tickets within the platform, and when people use it, it’s automatically applied.”Megan Wilson, Director of Digital Strategy, Harpoon Brewery

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Resources for event organizers

The Ultimate Ticket-Pricing Guide for Event Organizers

Gain a deeper understanding of what drives consumer value and conversions, enabling you to make well-informed decisions to help build a winning custom ticket pricing strategy.

Use Your Data to Boost Revenue, Set Ticket Prices, and Book Talent

At Eventbrite’s RECONVENE Summit, Duncan Wold, Director of Operations at PianoFight, shared his tips on how to improve events by analyzing attendee data from Eventbrite’s sales reports. Click the link to hear his five biggest takeaways, which can help you achieve similar success.

How Event Creators Are Pricing Their Online Events

We talked to five event creators who host five very different types of events — to see how they value their business and encourage attendees to purchase tickets to their events. Learn from their experiences and benefit from proven best practices resulting in success.

How to Price Your Event

Your event has real value. Our guide can help you determine the right ticket pricing strategy that reflects it. Learn how to deliver the best experience to attendees while growing your revenue and overall business.
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Simple pricing, clear value

Create your event on the world's largest event marketplace at no cost to you. We've got everything you need to sell tickets, manage your events, and grow your business.

  • Flexible ticket types for in-person or online events
  • Unlimited listings in our marketplace
  • Integrated email and social media marketing tools
  • Ability to sell tickets on your own site
  • Seamless attendee checkout experience
  • Payouts before your event happens
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

Low fees for your attendees

  • No fees for free events
  • 3.7% + $1.79 service fee per ticket
  • 2.9% payment processing fee per order

Fees are paid by ticket buyers, unless you choose to cover them.

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Hosting a large or complex event?

We offer tailored packages for event pros with unique needs. Get customised fee schedule, personalized support, and more individualised features by partnering with our sales team.

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Custom tickets

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