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Maria Krause

Maria Krause comes from a family were both her parents and previous generations were self employed and entrepreneurs. As Maria was growing up, she chose instead the employee path, because she had seen how her parents had struggle when starting their business. After 20 years she realised that the reason her parents and grandparents have done it is because they chose to live a life doing what they loved and they would done anything to achieve it. About 4 years ago, Maria refound her childhood passion, nature and everything that nature provides. Back in Argentina (that's where she was brought up), she decided to start her own business but no longer after, she gave up. She was so used to work for someone else, that when she didn't see rewards right away, she gave up. Two years later, last February 2017, she decided to do it again, and this time in less than 5 months, she had a second business that run alongside her main business. Her friends and family now refer to her as the most stress-free business owner they had ever met; and all this thanks to the daily routines she has created for herself to regain her self-confidence and belief to be able to become the successful person she always inteneded to be.

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