Transformative College

A world where everyone has access to mental health education, recovery classes, and participation.

The Transformative Recovery College is established is the promotion of mental health, including the prevention or relief of human suffering and isolation in Westmeath, Longford, and the surrounding areas, for those that suffer depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges. This will be achieved through education programs, workshops, and social events.

To promote mental recovery, well-being and to protect mental health for the public benefit, primarily (but not exclusively) in the Midlands area and/or nationally through the provision of education, support, and practical advice.

To advance the education of the public (including users of mental health services with lived experiences, families, carers and professionals) in all areas of mental health.

To promote social inclusion by preventing people from becoming isolated and socially excluded, by assisting them with integration, active participation, and contributions to society”

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