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Artistic Doctorates in Ireland

Online Seminar Series 2020


Thursdays 11 – 12pm

2nd July – 1st Oct


Welcome & Introduction: 11am Tue 30th June

This Seminar Series is part of a 12 month research project focused on the Artistic Doctorate in Ireland. Fourteen seminars focus on I – The European Context, II Current Practices in Ireland, III Student Perspectives and IV Visioning the Future for Artistic Doctorates in Ireland.

Join us for lively presentations and debate about Artistic Research PhDs and the Irish context.

This initiative has been funded by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland through the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund 2019. Hosted by University College Cork, School of Film, Music & Theatre in collaboration with IMBAS, the Irish forum for Artistic Research.


This series of seminars is part of the research project Visioning the Future: Artistic Doctorates in Ireland. Presentations and discussions will be video and audio recorded. This documentation will be available on the project website and may contribute to the development of Open Educational Resources.

By participating in these seminars you are giving your approval for audio-visual recording of the sessions, consenting to participate in this research project (anonymously or by providing your name if asking a question), and agreeing to the possibility of quotation/publication of extracts of your participation.

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