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Women Co

We are Women Who Cowork.

We connect Women to Cowork, Collaborate and Contribute to each other's successes!


WomenCo is a female focused coworking community with an emphasis on connection, support and education.
It strives to provide a safe space to co-work, collaborate, network and learn from each other.

 The purpose of the community is to engage with other women, find support and inspiration, collaborate, share skills and knowledge, and incubate ideas.

 Our mission is to build a tight-knit community and develop a resourceful platform for women who want to cowork.

 We truly believe that coworking spaces need more diversity, and as a coworking model is still very new in Ireland, we want to actively participate in shaping its definition and enabling equal opportunities to and with entrepreneurial female founders.


We want to create the most supportive network and help build more connected and inclusive coworking communities for independent women.


We fulfill our mission by organising:

- female-focused coworking days
- coffee coworking pop-ups or jelly sessions at the friendliest café in Dublin
- connecting events (informal networking opportunities from celebrating successes over a cocktail or chats about books we’ve read to hiking together)
- contribution masterminds (focused groups,or peer-2-peer sessions to share skills and experiences)