This year is barrelling to a close. You’re swamped with organising – and attending – holiday events. (You party animal!) Your calendar might be fuller than full, but you’re already thinking about how to go bigger and better in 2022. 

Ring in the new year with Eventbrite Boost. The only all-in-one marketing platform designed for event organisers, Boost lets you grow your audience, promote your brand, and, of course, advertise your events – right from your Eventbrite account.  Prepare for a new year, new you.

These 19 event marketing resolutions will help you make 2022 your best year yet. 

1. Group your events and grow with Collections

Hosting multiple holiday events? Collections to the rescue! Group your related events on a single page and organise your line-up by theme, location, or date: think “Holiday Baking” or “Caroling in the Park.” Then, promote all the events in your collection with a single ad campaign to reach more people.

2. Promote your entire event calendar

Because even once the ball drops, your events don’t stop. Boost’s Multi Event Ads let you market your entire event calendar quickly and effectively.

3. Get smart about audiences

Running ads on Eventbrite Boost puts millions of potential attendees within reach. Make 2022 the year you tap into that power with Boost’s Smart Audiences tool. Bring the targeting science to you.

4. Make an event marketing plan

With Eventbrite Boost, your personalised marketing plan is a click away. Log in to Boost, and you’ll get a checklist of the best campaigns to launch right now. Eventbrite’s info about your event – e.g., how many tickets have been sold, how many days until the event – powers Boost’s recommendations for your event.

5. Elevate your email strategy

Take a cue from LA-based event production company ORLOVE. Using Eventbrite Boost’s email platform for their dedicated email blasts, Orlove’s deliverability rose up to 20%.

6. Understand your ad reporting

Make this the year you understand the numbers. With Eventbrite Boost’s reporting, it’s easy to see how many tickets you sold, who bought them, and how your marketing contributed to those sales.

7. Spend less time on marketing

No more getting lost in the labyrinth of Ads Manager. With Eventbrite Boost, you can create a campaign in minutes.

8. Hone your brand identity

Who doesn’t love a cohesive design? Eventbrite Boost makes it easy for you to brand your event pages and your emails. Slick.

9. Grow your business with Instagram

If you’re hitting snooze after the holiday rush, good on you. Rest and regroup, and use Eventbrite Boost’s Instagram Growth Playbook to add your followers, even when you’re not promoting an event.

10. Stop stressing over budget allocation

Seriously. When you run ad campaigns with Eventbrite Boost, our technology automatically shifts your budget to the best-performing audiences.

11. Let your creativity fly

Whether it’s copy inflected with your authentic voice or video footage from your events, your marketing should reflect the unique perspective you bring to your events.  

12. Put an educational event on your calendar

Make this the year you up your marketing know-how. Register for the next Eventbrite Boost webinar and sharpen those skills.

13. Learn something new

As one Eventbrite RECONVENE organiser shared: “For people who don’t have a marketing expert on their team, who are supposed to be their own marketing expert, Boost gives you that power without years of experience and training.” Eventbrite Boost guides you through every step in marketing your event, from crafting a strategy to setting up your campaign.

14. Spend less money on marketing

Case in point: Boost’s Multi Event Ads let you advertise your entire event calendar for just dollars a day.

15. Show your virtual events love, too

Lincoln Park Zoo’s livestream events (think Rhine Meet-and-Greets) netted them a roaring 8.5x return on ad spend. If in-person events are off-limits, keep your audience engaged with virtual programming that’s cost-efficient and extends your audience reach.

16. Target previous ticket buyers 

As Matt Orlove, founder of ORLOVE, tells us: “I love the fact that we can now easily target all of our ticket buyers that have gone to all of our events through Eventbrite.”

17. Go on autopilot

Boost’s Multi-Event Ads advertise your entire calendar of events, adding events as you add them to your organiser page. It’s this kind of win that lets American Outdoor School founder Elliot Goodwin focus on “helping folks get their outdoors on.”

18. Be confident in your campaign

We’ll say it again: If you run more than a few events a month, you need to be using Multi Event Ads. Set it up once, and let Boost do the rest. 

19. Celebrate the wins

With Eventbrite Boost’s clear, accessible interface, it’s easy to see how your marketing efforts are paying off. Take time to celebrate the wins (look for that party hat emoji) and let them inspire your next steps.  

Here’s to a year of next-level event marketing!

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