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Meet the next-generation Seating Chart Maker

Eventbrite’s intuitive Reserved Seating tool gives you the power to quickly and easily create custom seating arrangements that are smart, scalable, and simple to manage.

What is Reserved Seating?

Reserved Seating is a suite of Eventbrite products and features that enable event creators to sell assigned seats or locations to their attendees.
Reserved seating

Seating chart generator

Selling tickets online with Eventbrite is easier than ever. Post your event, build your own professional online ticketing system, and create tickets for both in-person and virtual events in just minutes.

Online ticketing system

Provide a seamless online ticket purchasing experience for your attendees with customizable event pages that that engage and inform your audience, from the first headline to checkout.

How to create a custom seating chart in a few clicks

How to create a custom seating chart in a few clickscustom play button

Reimagining the Reserved Seating experience

Eventbrite’s Seating Chart Maker allows you to replace guesswork with precision and design for the perfect seating arrangements for your event.
Reserve events

Seating Chart Maker

Eventbrite’s Seating Chart Maker gives you the tools to create a custom seating map to help visualize the value of select premium seating in your venue, charge more for those seats and tables, and provide an interactive checkout experience for your attendees.

Seating arrangements

Our seating chart tool’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier than ever to design the perfect seating arrangement that best accommodates the layout of your venue space. Simplify your workflow with the ability to add tiers to your event seating and designate sections, rows, and tables by simply clicking their label in a readily available template.

Reserved Seating

Venue Maps

Eventbrite’s interactive Venue Maps are much more than just visual layouts of a venue. They’re clickable, shoppable floor plans, enabling attendees to easily view and purchase the reserved event tickets they desire. It's easy to add reserved ticketed areas like sections (for standing room or seating) or tables with chairs, include objects (like stages, bars, bathrooms, and exits), and any text you might want to add.
Reserved seating

Reserved ticketing and pricing tools

Eventbrite's online ticketing system provides advanced tools and data insights to guide smarter (and more profitable) event ticketing pricing. Our ticketing technology will automatically sell the best available reserved seats first, yet you can customize your layout any way you like and charge more for different seating areas to ensure you’re maximizing the return your event deserves.

More tools to sell more tickets

Eventbrite Organizer app

Monitor event data in real-time

The Eventbrite Organizer app gives you a real-time view into check-ins and registrations, attendance and no-shows, and on-site sales — all in the palm of your hand.
Reserved seating

Online payment processing

Eventbrite’s secure online payment processing‎ lets you start collecting ticket payments faster with a seamless and secure purchase and registration experience for your attendees.

Promo codes

Grow your following with an online ticketing platform that offers exclusive discounts, limited-time deals, and special access to your reserved event.

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Resources for event organizers

How to Use Eventbrite’s Venue Map Feature for Reserved Seating Events

Learn why Eventbrite’s Venue Maps are much more than just visual layouts of an event venue. They’re clickable, shoppable floor plans that allow attendees to easily purchase the right reserved event tickets for the best experience.

The Ultimate Ticket-Pricing Guide for Event Organizers

We have created a definitive event pricing guide to help you make well-informed decisions on the right price for your reserved events. Discover the latest in event pricing strategies, trends, and tips to ensure your next event is a successful, profitable one.

Uncover new insights from the Eventbrite Blog

The Eventbrite Blog is chock-full of indispensable free resources for all types of event organizers. From informative how-to articles and event industry trend reports to meaningful success stories from your peers, we’ve got a trove of tips to help you learn, develop your skill set, and grow your business with Eventbrite.
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Create your event on the world's largest event marketplace at no cost to you. We've got everything you need to sell tickets, manage your events, and grow your business.

  • Flexible ticket types for in-person or online events
  • Unlimited listings in our marketplace
  • Integrated email and social media marketing tools
  • Ability to sell tickets on your own site
  • Seamless attendee checkout experience
  • Payouts before your event happens
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

Low fees for your attendees

  • No fees for free events
  • 5.90% + €0.79 service fee per ticket

Fees are paid by ticket buyers, unless you choose to cover them.

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We offer tailored packages for event pros with unique needs. Get customised fee schedule, personalized support, and more individualised features by partnering with our sales team.

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