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National Building Control Office

Overview of The National Building Control Management Project (NBCMP)

The NBCMP was initiated on foot of the CCMA recognition in 2014 for the requirement to have a standardised model of building control delivery with a strengthened Local Authority inspection regime.

The NBCMP is delivered through the National Building Control Office (NBCO) which is managed as a separate Business Unit on behalf of the 31 Building Control Authorities by Dublin City Council (DCC).

The objective of the NBCMP is to provide oversight, support & direction for the development, standardisation and implementation of Building Control as an effective shared service in the 31 Building Control Authorities who fund the project. This is achieved through five-pillars which includes an Inspection, Education Training, Compliance Support, Market Surveillance pillars supported by the IS-BCMS (Building Control Management System) pillar.

Collaboration is through the oversight [1] board and three regional Building Control Committees who provide expertise in the form of working groups to inform the four pillars.

The overall vision of the NBCMP is to promote a “Culture of Compliance with the Building Regulations” among owners, builders, designers and certifiers to ensure “health and safety of people in or about buildings” i.e. safe, accessible sustainable and good quality compliant building stock.

[1] National Building Control Advisory Board-Membership 11-Chaired by DCC (2 members from DCC including chair, 2 members from DHPLG, 2 members from the Construction Industry Council (CIC), 1 member NDFEM, 3 members from 1 from each of the three Regional Building Control Committees, 1 member from the Chief Fire Officers (CFO),