Taking care of ourselves – and each other – has always been important, but perhaps not as top-of-mind or impactful to our overall wellbeing as this year. Throughout 2020, we’ve been faced with unexpected and emotional triggers from living through a global health pandemic, a significant civil rights movement, an important U.S. Presidential Election and so much more. Self-care is self-preservation, and wellness is a tool that allows us to navigate unanticipated stimuli in our lives and at Eventbrite, we believe that while we might be distant, the desire to connect is more important than ever, and a driving force in helping us be well. To help the world discover new ways of caring for ourselves, our loved ones and our community, Eventbrite is hosting its first-ever Do Well Festival.  

Do Well is a five-day virtual festival happening Sept. 14 -18, and is full of events that span community, environment, family, mental, and physical wellness. Whether you’re trying to balance working from home and social distance learning, or looking for ways to get involved in civic engagement or to support Black Lives Matter, Eventbrite’s Do Well Festival has something for everyone. We believe that there is a new definition of wellness. It can be traditional in working your mind and body, or more unique in your society and community. Do Well is designed to bring us together to celebrate and engage in all that embodies wellness, and goes beyond your traditional wellness retreat, bringing you a first-of-its-kind virtual experience that offers a variety of experiences.

Each day of the festival features a handful of events to choose from, along with live daily discussions with industry experts, talking about the importance of wellness and sharing actionable steps you can take to do well and be well now and in the future. The speaker lineup includes Michelle Ogundehin, author of Happy Inside, Brittney Flyod-Mayo from Trap Yoga BaeJesse Israel from The Big Quiet and a leader from HeadCount.

Eventbrite do wellEventbrite has a diverse and powerful range of events on its platform, and is proud to be the conduit that connects the expertise of its creators with the world throughout the global pandemic and beyond.

You can sign-up for a Do Well Festival event here, and tune into the live daily discussions on Instagram.

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