Ivan Adriel is the creative director of Connector, a digital marketing agency based in Dublin. Currently he is busy working with the Connector team on The Huawei Snapys Awards, Ireland’s first Instagram awards in 20 different categories such as Food, Sport, Music, Selfie, Family, Night Time plus many more. You can find out more about the awards and how to enter here.

We asked Ivan to share his best practices when using Instagram.

Biggest Benefit of Instagram as opposed to other platforms:

1 – Engaged community – Instagrammers are passionate about the platform and their love for amazing imagery. You’ll reach people who are open to new perspectives.

2 – A visual medium – Instagram’s simple design allows captivating visuals to take center stage. Each image or video fills the screen with nothing to clutter the experience.

3 – Beautiful environment – On Instagram your brand’s story will be surrounded by other beautiful content in a creative and inspiring environment

4 – Engagement – Recent Forrester research shows that Instagram led the way when it came to delivering engagement. Their study found that top brands’ Instagram post delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

What are your top 4 tips for building a good following

1 – Leverage hashtags – The quickest way to build a following on Instagram is to monitor and engage with different hashtags. Research what hashtags other industry influencers or competitors are using, and then spend time each day monitoring the content of each tag.

2 – Collaborate with other Instagrammers – The more your profile is tagged in other users photos, the more exposure you can receive through users perusing the tagged photos of their favourite Instagram stars and brands.

3 – Tap into the community – There are many inventive ways in which the Instagram community inspires and connects with each other. Tap into the top community using hashtags like #fromwhereistand and #whileinbetween

4 – Consistency is always the key –  Stay true to your tone of voice and to your brand’s persona by creating beautiful images. Photos must be true to your brand.

What content works best on Instagram for events

User generated content!  Events, trade shows and product launches are a great opportunity to display user-generated photos from Instagram based on specific hashtags.

Events are about learning and meeting new people, but more than anything else, they are about experiences that trigger action that can be captured in snaps! Encouraging people and offering rewards is a great approach!

Are there any useful tools for managing Instagram

Statigr.am is a web-based management tool for Instagram. In addition to providing detailed analytics, it equips you with a faster and better way of interacting with a lot of content shared on Instagram at the same time. Of course you can use the Instagram web browser, but this tool provides more useful functionality.

Repost – Repost is a mobile app that allows you to browse through content from your community and repost this content, giving full attribution to the person who posted the picture in the first place.

Postso – Postso is a posting and scheduling tool. It was initially created for Instagram, but other platforms have been added over time. It’s a paid platform with a 14-day trial.

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