If you’re organising a New Years Eve party this year, then you’ll be in good company, because just about every public venue with (or without) four walls is probably going to be competing for the custom of your attendees too.

Competition for NYE Parties

Just a single search for ‘New Years Eve Party 2015’ reveals an incredible 65,300,000 results in Google alone!

So the question is, how exactly can you stand out from the crowd and run both an epic – and successful – New Years Eve Party?

Step 1: Focus on a niche audience

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, the first thing you need to do is stop trying to please everyone.

Instead of trying to run another generic NYE event, focus in on a particular demographic and everything else will be easier from there.

For example you could run a dry NYE event for those who can’t (or don’t want to) drink; or a vegan evening where canapés and drinks are all suitable for vegans.

By focusing on a more targeted audience, you’ll be able to create an event that is much more appealing to them than any other alternative on the market. The more specific your audience, the stronger the match you can make the event to their interests.

You’ve just got the find the right balance between a highly targeted niche that will still be profitable and one that is so small even getting 100% would make it a 2-person affair.


Step 2: Pick a theme

Once you’ve honed in on a more specific audience for your event, it should be easy to pick a stand-out theme for your event that elevates about others they might be able to choose from.

As well picking an overall theme (e.g. James Bond or Alive in Wonderland), you should also think about dress code, food, drinks, location and venue, music, entertainment, games or competitions and décor.

If you’re targeting retired couples, then an elegant dinner party with a black-tie dress code and live swing band would probably be more appropriate and make it a more appealing event than a ‘back to school’ themed NYE party targeted at Millennials with DJs and jelly shots.

Step 3: Build up the excitement with social

The next step, once you’ve picked your audience and theme, is to get the word out to those you think should attend.

There are many ways to do this, from contacting your email list to posting on forums, running paid adverts to SEO.

However for consumer events, social media is still one of the best channels you can use to get the word out and reach the majority of your niche audience.

Firstly you should have a good idea about which social networks they spend most of their time on. So if it’s an exclusive party for senior managers, perhaps you’ll want to target LinkedIn; or if it’s a street party for art-lovers you’ll probably want to focus Instagram.

The next important thing is to use strong visuals to help create an expectation and show off what it will be like at your event on the night. Even short videos for Vine or YouTube could work really well, maybe showcasing short interviews with your start attraction, DJ or host for the evening.


Step 4: Run a competition for engagement

If you really want to ramp up engagement and excitement, then why not run a competition where the winner will be announced on the night (or can claim their prize at the event).

Anything involving free bubbly (or even a free bar for the night) would be sure to draw in plenty of interest.

If drink isn’t the appropriate prize for your niche audience, you’ll know what is – whether it’s a year’s supply of supplements for the health-conscious or even pet food if you’re hosting a NYE party for pet-owners. The only limit is your imagination!

Step 5: Pick the right ticketing partner

If you’re going to go through this much trouble to stand out and appeal to your niche audience, it’s important every aspect of their NYE experience is smooth and enjoyable.

If they don’t want to create an account in order to buy tickets to your event, don’t make them!

If they want to buy tickets on their mobile phone, make it really easy so they don’t have to pinch and scroll!

If they don’t want to print out paper tickets and instead just show up with their phone or smart watch (which some lucky revellers will no doubt get at Christmas)…let them!

Of course, all of these options are available to Eventbrite organisers…not the mention that your event will be listed on one of the most popular event discovery platforms in the country, which can’t hurt your ticket sales either!



New Years Eve is one of the most popular nights of the entire year for running events…but that shouldn’t stop you from making yours a huge success.

Just focus on a niche audience you know well, pick an awesome theme they’ll love, spread the word on the social media, create excitement and engagement with a competition then ensure they have a great experience with Eventbrite.

Voila, happy revellers, happy you…happy NYE!

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