According to our 2019 Pulse Report, one of the top challenges facing event creators is reaching new attendees, with 64% saying it was a challenge last year and 48% foreseeing it being a problem in 2019. Although this figure has decreased, it still ranks as the number one challenge.

Here at Eventbrite, event creator feedback is the most important driver for our platform. We’ve listened to your challenges, concerns, and aspirations – and in turn, launched a host of new consumer features to get your event in front of the right audience.

Because the only thing more important than hosting a great event is actually getting your target attendees there.

Read on to learn about our new features designed to aid the discovery and distribution of your event and supercharge your ticket sales.

1. Dynamic Homepage

Our optimised homepage experience now displays more personalised content, tailored to each individual user. The new dynamic feed includes customised buckets filled with relevant event information for your potential attendees. Examples of these buckets include ‘from organisers you follow’, ‘based on saved events’, or ‘because you purchased.’

So rather than actively searching for your event, users are automatically presented with event information that matches their previous preferences and purchasing decisions.

Eventbrite Dynamic Homepage

Our new and improved dynamic homepage has already seen event creators experience an uplift in retention.

2. ‘Remind Me’

Most event organisers who are serious about selling tickets will begin promoting their event long before tickets go on sale. Pre-sales promotion is important to boost awareness and start building the hype for your event. But it’s not enough to just generate interest – you need to make sure all interested parties come back to complete the sale!

Your potential attendees can now enable ‘Remind Me’ notifications for tickets that are not on sale yet. This feature sends an alert via email one hour before ticket sales begin so your prospects can get ready to buy.

Eventbrite Remind Me

3. IOS Notifications

Timely notifications are key to create a sense of urgency for potential ticket buyers. Our users can now see notifications from organisers that they follow, for example, early-bird tickets going on sale or events selling out, and access them in the notification centre.

Eventbrite IOS Notifications

4. Facebook Integration

Our Facebook integration is an easy way to massively expand the reach of your event for free! You can start selling tickets directly on your Facebook page in just two minutes by connecting your Eventbrite account to Facebook.

Once connected, you will have a ‘Get Tickets’ button on your Facebook event allowing potential attendees to buy and access tickets without ever leaving Facebook. This greatly improves user experience, resulting in fewer drop-offs and abandoned orders.

Eventbrite Facebook Integration

Purchasing tickets is quick and easy too. All relevant user information (like name, email, payment) will be pre-populated into the event checkout for a seamless buying experience.

5. Follow Organiser

All event organisers can create a profile that users can follow to stay up to date on your latest events. Not only can your potential attendees see all your public events in one view, but when you publish a new event, your followers will immediately get an email alert to notify them that tickets are on sale.

Eventbrite Organiser Follow

This is the perfect way to stay connected with potential attendees that have already shown interest in your events and are most likely drive ticket sales.

6. User Collections

Users can now create collections of events that pique their interest. This is the perfect way for users to keep a short list of their favourite events to hand and to share event ideas with friends, family, and colleagues.

The future possibilities for collections are huge. The Eventbrite team have plans to partner with brands and influencers to curate special collections that users can follow. Think of it like Spotify playlists for events!

We have seen thousands of collections created to date, with titles reflecting the full diversity of our events.

7. Consumer Channels

We are currently expanding our consumer channels to give users a deeper insight into the venues, trends, and event creators that are shaping their local event scene.

Our consumer blogs have already been rolled out in London and several US cities, with content created by some of the leading voices on events culture, covering food and drink, music, classes and workshops, arts and culture, and wellness.

Eventbrite Consumer Blog 2

Content is published three-four times a week with a mix of event calendars and features on popular trends and event experiences and amplified to our large subscriber base via our weekly newsletter.

This is the perfect opportunity for innovative event creators to have their story featured and promoted to regular event-goers.

Eventbrite consumer blog

For most event creators, driving attendance is the number one priority.

If you’re looking to scale your event efforts, grow your attendance, and enhance your competitive edge, then you need the right tools to supercharge your event promotion and attract the right audience.

Ready to set up your event and start promoting? Get started here!


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