Good news – Christmas festivities can happen this year. Sure, COVID-19 restrictions mean that parties will look a little different. But, thanks to virtual events, people can still celebrate with their friends, family, and colleagues. The festive season is also the perfect time to get creative, as people will want more than simple Zoom get-togethers. From candle-making workshops to festive cocktail classes, these eight virtual event ideas will help you to end the year on a high note.

1. Run a Christmas craft-along

Craft workshops are easy to run in a virtual setting. Since crafting gives guests something to focus on, it’s a great option for corporate Christmas parties where people might not know each other very well. As well as being a fun bonding experience, guests will also have a memento to remember the event by. Christmas crafts for adults can be as easy or as complicated as you like – you could focus on something as simple as making pom-pom baubles or increase the difficulty with a candle-making workshop. Follow in the footsteps of Kings Hill Flower Design Studio which sends out materials for its popular wreath-making class in advance. Another option is to send attendees a materials list before the event so that they have time to buy everything they need.

You can even combine the two approaches. The Christmas crafts event held by mt Masking Tape x Collage Club comes with two ticket types. The first includes the craft kit and is sold up until a couple of days before the event to give the creator plenty of time to post materials. The second simply grants access to the event, giving attendees the chance to join at the last minute.

2. Plan a virtual wine tasting

Online wine tasting classes combine the chance to learn something new with a buzzy, social atmosphere. These sessions are particularly appealing at the moment, while people might not be socialising as frequently in pubs. For a virtual Christmas event, focus on wines that people typically associate with the festive season. You could talk about which wines to pair with Christmas dinner, or take inspiration from Sparkling Feast – a tasting event dedicated to festive fizz. For the sake of ease, it’s best to deliver the wine tasting packs in advance. If your target audience prefer food over drink, opt for an online tasting of culinary delights instead.

3. Host an online dance party

Let people put their TikTok moves to good use and bring the classic Christmas disco online. A virtual party gives everyone a chance to get dressed up in their sparkliest dresses (or ugliest jumpers). Early morning dance movement, Daybreaker, is taking its festive party global with a three-hour livestream featuring a yoga class, a guided dance party, and a performance from R&B singer Dionne Warwick. UK-based organisation UPFRONT is hosting a similar event for women and non-binary people, with smaller rooms on Zoom for those who don’t want to be in the main space – just like a real club.

4. Play Christmas bingo

If Christmas quiz ideas have you scratching your head, swap it for a game of bingo. It’s one of the few traditional party games that can be played remotely, so it’s perfect for taking online. The Student Hotel is putting a fun spin on their bingo night by combining it with a drag and music performance. Closer to home, the Oxford Circle Committee is making a night out of it by giving guests a Dirty Bones burger kit and hosting a live cook-along before the game itself.

5. Create a murder mystery

For frustrated actors who can’t wait for theatres to reopen, why not host a virtual murder mystery? It takes the Christmas pageantry up a notch and is a great ice-breaker, making it ideal for office Christmas parties. One troupe that’s blazing a trail in this space is the award-winning MurderedforMoney. The group’s four-day sleuthing event, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder, takes place at the start of December. To make it even more competitive, they’re offering prizes in the form of a £30 Amazon voucher and festive goodies.

6. Stream an online pantomime

If you want to combine theatrics with tradition, try staging an online panto. This year, there are lots of fun virtual pantomimes based on the theme of the pandemic, such as The Musical Theatre Academy’s Covidella and the Masked Ball. For something a little less extravagant, look to The COVID Christmas Panto (on a budget) for inspiration – creator Adam Moss plays all six characters. Consider pre-recording the performance to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. You can then host it on a platform like Vimeo or YouTube and set the video to private, or protect it with a password, until you’re ready to stream. Create the lively panto atmosphere with at-home sing-alongs and cries of “He’s behind you!”

7. Teach a Christmas cookery class

From mince pies to roast potatoes, Christmas is a season that revolves around food. So, why not join in the fun with an online cookery workshop? Send out ingredients lists in advance and show your guests how to make your chosen dish from scratch. You could also take inspiration from The Regency Cook and record bonus cooking demos for attendees to enjoy after the main session. If you’re using a family-owned or historic recipe, try weaving in a bit of storytelling to give your guests more details about the dish. 

8. Celebrate with a festive cocktail class

A virtual festive cocktail class gives people the chance to start celebrating Christmas early. For an extra-special experience, think about sending your participants their ingredients before the session. However, if they’ll need cocktail shakers, ice, or particular glasses – let them know ahead of time. You could even amp up the social aspect by starting with an ice-breaker game and playing festive tunes throughout.

Get ready to save Christmas

There are plenty of ways to create festive cheer in a virtual setting, and the best part is you can be as creative as you like. Think about your skills and the needs of your intended audience before you start planning – then have some fun. Whether you specialise in corporate events for Christmas parties or fun experiences for small groups, we have the tools to help you reach the right audience. Find out more about how we can help you get started.

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