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Event Planning 101: the Ultimate Toolkit for Successful Events

Event Planning 101 Toolkit

Whether you’re just starting out as an event planner or in event management, you won’t have years of experience to fall back on when it comes to making decisions or finding the best ways to do things.

That’s why it can help to have some fallback tools and templates to use that will help you work at the same level as your more experienced colleagues.

To help new event planners quickly get up to speed with their role, we’ve compiled 7 indispensable resources together into one toolkit that you can refer back to use time and again. They are:

1. Finding great ideas: Why is it that some people have such good ideas all the time? What do they know that the rest of us don’t? We show you their secret and how to apply it in 6 different situations so you’ll always have a great event idea in your back pocket.

2. Creating an event plan: Get the whole team pulling in the same direction and achieve all your goals by filling out this simple one page event plan. With it you’ll have a comprehensive strategy for a winning event every time.

3. Budgeting basics: Get a proper handle on what you’re spending and manage costs like a pro with these expert tips from Michelle Fanus, Founder of Dynamyk Events and Lecturer in Events Management at University of West London.

4. Budget template: Download your own free event budget template to make sure you keep your costs in check and avoid any nasty surprises!

5. Event marketing template: Get your copy of our event marketing template, developed to help you build successful promotional campaigns and sell-out events.

6. 10 top event management and productivity tools: “Work smarter, not harder” and get more done, more efficiently with these brilliant event planning productivity tools.

7. The beginners guide to selling tickets online: If you’re new to selling event tickets online, there can be a lot to think about. Our customer service gurus share their top tips for doing it right first time.

Whether or not you’re an aspiring event planner, or you’ve suddenly found yourself appointed the ‘event manager’ for a company event you just found out about, this package of resources will help guide to a successful event for you and your attendees.

Download your event planning 101 toolkit now.

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