You’ve spread the word of your event in print, via word of mouth and on social media. Potential attendees are now heading to your website to find out more about your event.

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression, so how your website looks, how easy it is to use, and how quickly people can find the information they need is very important.

We’ve searched the web for some of the most beautiful event websites to share with you, so you can take away some of the key factors on these sites, to make sure your site is just as beautiful.

1. Splashfest

Splashfest 1 event websites

The above is what you see when you first land on the Splashfest page. As you can see it’s very attractive and the design is clean and simple. The CTA is very clearly marked by having the ‘Book Tickets Now’ in a different colour, which makes this stand out to anyone visiting the site. There is a nice big image that really shows off the essence of the event; all round family fun.

Splashfest 2 event websites

As you scroll down the page, the CTA we saw in the top corner, now follows you down the page. The CTA is now spread thinly across the top of the page so as not to block you from reading more on the page and it seats there as a constant reminder that you can click there at anytime to purchase tickets.

2. European Tour: Scottish Open

Scottish Tour event websites

Here we have the stunning Scottish Open homepage. Very little text covers this beautiful image, allowing you to take a second to appreciate what you are seeing. A ghostly, but still noticeable  feature is the ticket information CTA. The arrows you see animate to point downwards, allowing you to scroll down for more information. Alternatively the ‘Ticket Information’ button can be clicked on to take you straight to the ticketing types and prices.

3. Big Grill Festival

Big Grill Festival event websites

The image you see above on The Big Grill festival’s website is in fact a still from the video that sits here. The whole of the page is taken up by this amazing showreel of the event. No text is needed, as the video shows, rather than tells you about the event. Word of warning: don’t watch this video if you are hungry!

Big Grill Fest 1 event websites

When you scroll down, you are immediately faced with the ticket types and prices. This is a great placement of the Eventbrite ticket widget, as the first thing you are going to want to do after seeing the video of the event is buy the tickets – and there they are!

4. Telegraph Events

Telegraph events 1 event websites

Telegraph Events also have a video on their homepage, which starts playing as soon as you land on the page. The video loops and showcases the immense range of events Telegraph Events cover.

Telegraph events 2 event websites

Telegraph events 3 event websites
To keep above the fold clean, they have cleverly positioned further information below. The design is clean and it is very clear where you will be taken by clicking on each of the above.

The ‘What We Do’ section is a great feature, as different people will be visiting the site for different reasons. With this breakdown, it’s very clear which page different audiences need to click through to.


5. The Beatyard

Beat Yard event websites

Hopefully you are starting to see a pattern between all these great event website examples. They are all very cleanly designed and have very clear CTAs. What is particularly great about The Beatyard’s event website is the ‘Tickets’ CTA (Click on the image to visit the site). You’ll see the ‘Tickets’ CTA bops on top of the water as you scroll down the page.

Once again we see a great example of a well positioned CTA that follows you throughout your visit. This means no matter how many pages, or scrolls it takes you to decide to make a purchase, the CTA is always there, moving, to let you know where to click when you are ready.

6. Outlook Festival

Outlook Festival event website

We’ve seen video showreels, but with Outlook Festival we see a showreel of some amazing photos from past events. The tabs are simple and informative, and do not distract you from the amazing images you are shown of the festival. All the information you need is clearly signposted, with the tickets CTA first of course!


From the above event websites we can see that keeping your website clean, visually inviting and easy to navigate can really help promote your event and give a great first impression.

By highlighting the right call to action, in most cases above this is by a easy to find ‘Buy Tickets’ button, you can make it very easy for someone to come to your site and buy tickets for your event, without going through multiple pages to find the right place.

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