The events industry is booming, with our recent report on millennials proving that this generation is more interested in experiences than material goods. As the industry grows, so do our Eventbrite teams all over the world and it looks like 2018 is set to be an exciting year for the Eventbrite Cork team!

Amanda D

So, time to discuss this new chapter with our own Cork Associate Manager CX and Site Lead, Amanda Darmody

Born and bred in Cork, what changes have you seen in the city over the last few years?

Cork has really come into its own over the last few years and it has been great to watch. It is now a really modern, vibrant city full of great events and activities, fantastic food and drink and a sense of something always happening.

It’s quite interesting that throughout the recession, we saw a lot of businesses move from the city centre to the outskirts and, while we now have some great retail parks, with all the new and planned developments in the city, we’re seeing businesses move back into the heart of it. It creates an energy that makes it very attractive to companies who are looking to relocate and it’s amazing to have Eventbrite’s office already smack bang in the centre!

What is your favourite thing about working in the city centre now?

There is such a great buzz – it’s great to be able to leave the office and easily go to events, meet friends for lunch, dinner or drinks. Being based in the city centre really helps you get the most out of your day in and around work. It also helps that we are a social bunch in the office so its easy to get the team together for after work activities.

How long have you worked at Eventbrite?

11 months, which is funny because it both feels like I started yesterday and like I’ve been here forever! I’ve have been managing Customer Experience teams for 9 years now and joined Eventbrite as an Associate Manager.

2018 is a big year for me since at the start of this year I took on more responsibility as the Site Lead here in Cork.

In your opinion, what makes Eventbrite different as an employer?

The people! We have the best teams and a huge part of our hiring process is making sure we find top talent who are creative, driven and ready to have fun. We put our people first; we want them to think and act in the best interests of the company because they actually love their jobs, not because someone is shouting at them to perform! Our office space is fun and allows for flexible working – we want people who will thrive in that kind of an environment.

What is your favourite thing about working in the Eventbrite Cork office?

Besides having the best colleagues who make me smile every day, it has to be the opportunities ahead and the current growth in Eventbrite around the world. It’s so exciting to watch the growth that has happened, even in the year since I’ve joined. It makes it an exciting place to work –  and there are constant wins to celebrate!

The Cork office is a really exciting place to be right now and I think everyone in the global Eventbrite team knows that 2018 is our year.

How can people who might want to join the team get involved in this exciting new chapter? 

Our hiring is always focused on finding amazing people who, first and foremost, really get our culture here at Eventbrite. So it’s really important for us to get to know the personalities of the people interested in working here and let them get to know us!

We are running a very different type of Recruitment Evening on Feb 8th – and we would love for anyone interested in working with us to come and say hi!

It will be an informal setting where you can meet the team and some of our key UK & Ireland leaders, learn more about Eventbrite’s plans for Cork and have a few drinks. Click here for all the details, we look forward to seeing you there!

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