Our 2019 Pulse Report revealed that reaching new attendees was one of the biggest challenges for event creators last year. The report also highlighted competition as a major concern, with 39% of respondents sharing that competition will have the biggest impact on their events in 2019. Event organisers had already identified the need to boost their marketing efforts, with 42% of respondents predicting that their budget for marketing will be bigger in 2019. 

Most festival creators will agree that if you want to reach new fans and sell more festival tickets, then you need to find a way to stand out in your attendee’s social feed.

When it comes to boosting your festival promotion, the power of Facebook and Instagram cannot be ignored. And with a little forward planning, your efforts can reap big returns. This involves sharing carefully crafted social media posts that tell your festival story in a concise and compelling way. 

Of course, even the most engaging of Instagram posts will fall flat if they don’t reach your target audience at the right time. 

This means kicking off your festival promotion long before your event begins. Think of marketing your festival like a journey, with key audience touch-points along the way. It’s crucial to give yourself enough time to attract the right people with the right message and at the right moment. Here are some of the vital touch-points you need to plan for. 

Generate buzz BEFORE tickets go on sale

It’s important to start raising awareness of your festival and generating excitement well in advance of your event. Attendees rarely convert on the first interaction, particularly if it’s a first time festival.

You need to make sure you allow enough time for your audience to absorb your communications and plan for your festival. This time is key so your attendees are ready and waiting when your ticket sales launch.

Example social media copy: You heard it here first: Set your calendars for [date] to get your tickets to [event name].

Supercharge your ticket launch sales

You’ve just published your event page and ticket sales have launched. It’s time to make some noise and ramp up the frequency of your communications. Promoting your ticket launch calls for some really striking imagery from past events. If you want to take your promotion a step further, video compilations are likely to attract even more attendee attention.

You want to give your audience a glimpse of what they’ll be missing if they don’t sign up. You also want to make your content as shareable as possible. Never underestimate the power of peer recommendations.

Don’t forget to include a strong call to action to direct you attendees to your event page. Make sure your audience knows exactly how to purchase tickets. Unclear copy can cause you to lose valuable ticket sales. 

NOTE: Why not start selling tickets directly on your Facebook page? By connecting your Eventbrite account to Facebook, fans can automatically buy tickets right from their mobile Facebook app. 

Example social media copy: Who’s ready to do this again? [Year/Month] tickets are on sale now!

Announce your festival lineup

Are you potential attendees still playing hard to get? Then it’s time to turn some heads with your lineup announcement.

Why not create some suspense by drip feeding your audience the lineup information, saving some surprise guests for last? Make sure to include photos and videos of your lineup guests to give them a taste of what’s to come. Posting your full lineup flyer is also a great way to generate some social sharing. Again, you want a strong and compelling call-to-action to send your attendees in the right direction to buy their tickets.

Example social media copy: This is a PSA: You’re in danger of missing [list headlining performers]. Tickets are going fast!

Share special offers and limited-time discounts

Sometimes a sense of urgency is needed to get those ticket sales flowing.

One option is to warn potential attendees that ticket prices are about to go up. You can also try extending your pre-sale early bird tickets or offering a limited-time discount code. A simple alternative is to warn your fans that tickets are close to selling out – after all, ‘close’ is relative!

This is the time to apply some pressure to drive more sales. 

Example social media copy: Prices go up at midnight. Grab your early bird tickets to [name of event] before it’s too late!

Convert last-minute decision-makers

It’s one week out and you still have a bunch of tickets to sell. Now it’s time to appeal to those potential attendees who are clinging on to the fence. 

You need to use your messaging to truly capitalise on FOMO and give your ticket sales that final push. This is the time you really need to know your attendees and what makes them tick. Countdowns, memes about spending the weekend alone, photos and videos of event-goers having fun. Find out what they can’t resist and use it to make sure they don’t miss out!

Example social media copy: Grab your tickets today, make all your friends jealous with your Instagram Stories tomorrow

There’s no doubt that competing for attention in your attendee’s social feed is getting harder and harder. More competition brings more noise and it takes a lot of trial and error to discover what exactly makes your audience stop mid-scroll.

That’s why we want to make your life easier by providing a bunch of social media ad copy templates that you can start using right away.

Ready to get started? Download our tipsheet 51 Social Media Ad Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Event to transform your festival promotion today.

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