To Eventbrite creators around the world,

From the beginning, our vision for Eventbrite was to harness technology to help anyone sell tickets to events. We did this because we firmly believed in the power of human connection and the magic that happens when people get out from behind the screen and gather in real life. What we didn’t anticipate was just how impactful the platform we built would be in bridging online and offline experiences. But this isn’t possible with technology alone.

Enter you the creators; organisers, teachers, makers, and promoters who create experiences every day for people all over the world.  You take on the rewarding and challenging task of bringing others together to share your passions, artistry and causes through live experiences. Despite so many obstacles, you remain committed and an inspiration to us every day.

Over the past twelve years, we’ve shared many amazing moments together with the millions of experiences hosted on our platform. Today, we begin the next chapter of serving your needs as a publicly listed company (NYSE: EB).  This grander stage enables us an opportunity to further invest in innovation, connect more people to their passions, and help creators like you find even more success on our platform.

This is just another step in our journey together. We are as dedicated to achieving our mission of bringing the world together through live experiences as we were on day one, and we’re just getting started.

Thank you for all that you do.

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