You know there’s a potential audience out there looking for an event just like yours. The hard part, according to many of our event creators (according to our 2019 Industry Report figures), is finding ways to reach them. One of the key things you’ve asked us for is powerful and easy-to-use event promotional tools.

That’s why we’re launching Paid Social Ads powered by ToneDen, a new way to create and manage Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns directly from Eventbrite. Paid Social Ads takes the guesswork out of running social ad campaigns and helps you reach your people where they spend their time.

Find the right audience and get results faster

A big challenge event creators face when running a successful ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram is figuring out who to target. Paid Social Ads makes it easy to find the people most likely to attend your event so that you can ensure every euro spent is helping you grow your community.

For example, you can automatically target anyone who has expressed interest in events like yours on Facebook or quickly narrow in on anyone who has attended your past Eventbrite events.

Once your ad campaigns are up and running, Paid Social Ads will leverage data insights and marketing expertise to optimise how your money is spent. Simply set your budget and we’ll automatically reallocate your spend to the audience bringing in the most engagement, clicks, and ticket sales.

Create effective ad campaigns in minutes

Paid Social Ads are a really effective way to get exposure for your event and reach your audience online. But managing paid social ad campaigns is getting more complex every day. From tracking pixels to audience targeting to budget management, the learning curve can be steep for busy event creators.

That’s where Paid Social Ads come in. Based on our experience working with hundreds of thousands of event creators like you, we’ve developed ad campaign templates called Playbooks. Using Playbooks you can build entire campaigns in minutes to help announce a new event, promote a special offer, sell last-minute tickets, and more. We’ll also recommend Playbooks for you based on your goals and the timeline of your event.


Try Paid Social Ads for yourself

Paid Social Ads was built specifically with the needs of event creators like you in mind. By bringing the ability to create, manage, and track Facebook and Instagram ads directly into Eventbrite you can spend less time figuring out your marketing strategy and more time doing what you love: bringing people together.

So whether you’re a newbie running your first social ad campaign or an experienced ad-master looking to bring all your marketing into one place, Paid Social Ads will help you quickly create impactful campaigns that connect you with your people.

Head to Paid Social Ads within Invite & Promote to start a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign from your Eventbrite account. Or learn more about using Paid Social Ads for your event here.

We’re just getting started

This is the start of many more updates we have planned to help you find and reach your people. Paid Social Ads is one way to grow your community with Eventbrite and we’ve got so much more coming that we can’t wait to share with you.

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