Christmas is known as the season of giving, and we’d like to spread some Christmas cheer to event planners by sharing some of our most popular (and most useful) templates, checklists and ebooks from 2019.  

These event planning stocking fillers are just what you need as you get ready for your 2020 planning. From marketing to management, from venue safety to video advertising, there is something for every event planner.

How to Master Facebook Advertising and Sell More Tickets

Fed up of not seeing results from social media? Or maybe you’re looking for a better way to spend your marketing budget? Then this is the guide for you. Whether you’ve never used Facebook Advertising before, or you have, but are interested in learning how to improve your ROI and sell more tickets, this guide will give you the skills you need to get your event in front of your ideal audience and convert them into ticket buyers.

Perfect for: Event planners who are looking for a marketing boost in 2020

8 Sponsorship Letter Templates to Hook Event Sponsors

To help you create your sponsorship strategy and start collecting valuable connections, Mailchimp has outlined the eight emails every event needs to build and maintain solid relationships with your sponsors — including actual copy you can use as a template.

Inside, you’ll find email templates for cold intros, negotiations, logistical planning, and more. 

Perfect for: Event planners who are trying to secure sponsorship for 2020 events, and event planners who are beginning their sponsorship journey

Sustainability 101: The Guide To A Greener Festival

We all have a part to play in saving our planet from the ongoing and increasing dangers of climate change. This guide explores the key steps that festival organisers can take to make future festivals greener, as well as providing actionable advice from sustainable organisations, a directory of suppliers and organisations, and a selection of case studies to take inspiration from.

Perfect for: Organisers of any type of event (although the focus is on festivals, this ebook has lots of practical advice and tips for everyone). For conferences, check out our Guide to a Greener Conference!

Sell More Tickets to Your Consumer Event on Instagram

With 80% of Instagram users following at least one business on Instagram, and 200 million users checking out a brand profile on the social media platform every day, Instagram can connect event creators instantly with your target market.  You may already know how to attract followers to your Instagram account, but how can you convert that to ticket sales for your food festival or comedy weekend?

This guide will show you how smart event brands have elevated their Instagram use beyond a simple engagement tool into a powerful sales conversion machine.

Perfect for: Event planners whose target markets are active Instagram users – which, these days, is almost everyone!

Sponsorship Assets: Market Rate Valuation Workbook

According to Sponsorship Collective CEO and president Chris Baylis, most events fail to determine the market rate for their assets. “By blindly assigning value to your assets, you can undercharge sponsors or ask for too much,” says Baylis.

With this workbook, you can leverage built-in formulas to calculate the per-attendee cost of each activation, unlock the true value of your event sponsorship, and accurately determine the market rate value for your assets.

Perfect for: Anyone who is unsure of what to charge for sponsorship packages, or is struggling to secure sponsorship and can’t figure out why

The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Live at Your Events

Facebook Live can broaden the scope of your event beyond physical boundaries, making even those who were unable to attend in person feel like they are part of the action.

With this workbook, the Facebook Live team show you how to create valuable live content that resonates with your event audience, use advanced tips to stand out from a sea of lacklustre live video, and determine which Facebook Live results matter when it comes to measuring your video performance.

Perfect for: Event planners who want to capitalise on the potential of live video but don’t know where to start

51 Social Media Ad Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Event

To stand out in an event-goer’s Facebook or Instagram feed, your event ads need to be concise and compelling. But when you’re hosting multiple events a month, you don’t have time to start from scratch.

To build the story of your event on social media and drive ticket sales, use these 51 social media ad copy templates written by the experts at ToneDen, an automated social marketing platform for events.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to make the most of their social media platforms but is short of inspiration or time!

Venue Safety Tipsheet: How to Keep Your Venue’s Fans Safe and Satisfied

Event producers, organisers, and venue owners have one responsibility that overrides all others: to keep their customers safe. It’s a serious responsibility that often goes unspoken — or taken for granted.

With this tipsheet, you’ll learn how social media can inform you of how your event safety is functioning, ways to make your event’s values clear to your attendees and your staff, and how to train your staff to react empathetically and effectively to concerns.

Perfect for: Every event planner, as they all have a responsibility for the safety of their attendees

The Ultimate Event Advertising Plan for Busy Event Creators

When the average Facebook user clicks on only eight ads a month, creating ads that draw people to your event isn’t easy. And for those event creators who manage multiple events a year, designing effective ad campaigns can become a mind-boggling feat.

The experts at ToneDen have seen it all and then some. To sell out your event, use their experts’ complete event advertising plan including timeline, copy, and campaign types.

Perfect for: Any event planner looking to up their social media and advertising game

How to Craft the Ultimate Event Description

Writing an event description can be tricky. It’s a delicate balance between cold hard facts and enticing info. With this tipsheet, learn how to write the perfect event description — and watch those ticket sales pour in.

Perfect for: Event planners looking to build excitement for their event and boost their ticket sales

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