Marketing is essential if you want to make people aware of your event. But to drive ticket sales, you need a smart approach that helps you understand potential attendees and their behaviour. Enter tracking pixels: a simple way to ensure your ad budget is spent effectively.

Pixels help you track everything – from people who land on your event listing to those who complete their purchase after seeing your online ads. So what exactly are they? Well, tracking pixels are a small piece of code or a tiny, invisible image embedded on a webpage. When a potential customer visits a page or opens an email containing your tracking pixel, you’ll receive detailed data. This can be anything from the length of time a person spent browsing your listing to whether they clicked on any buttons.

Tiny but mighty

From traffic to performance data, tracking pixels come with two main advantages in the events world:

  • They allow you to see which channels drive the most traffic and conversions. This makes it easier to focus your marketing spend on platforms that give you the best return on investment (ROI). In other words, you won’t waste money on empty impressions.
  • They’re ideal for tracking images, CTAs, headlines, and audiences that are performing well. (Remember that it’s not only about where or when people are seeing your ads. It’s also about the ads themselves — and who is seeing them.) You can use this data to reinvest in the ads that are working and to gain a better understanding of your attendees.

Optimise your marketing

Our tracking pixels are fully intuitive and self-service. We work with a range of advertising partners – including Google AdWords, AdRoll, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Universal Analytics – but leave you in full control. Instead of relying on a third-party team, you have the power to manage your success and the freedom to access sales and performance data whenever you need it.

Plus, you get access to Eventbrite’s reporting dashboard. Use it to instantly measure the results of your event marketing and see a clear breakdown of which channels are driving your sales. All of that information means you can make data-driven decisions and invest in the channels that give you the highest ROI from the get-go.

A simple sales boost

Setting up tracking pixels might sound technologically advanced, but it couldn’t be simpler. Our integrated tools will identify your sales-heavy channels, allowing you to sharpen your targeting and help turn any event into a sell-out. Find out more about maximising your marketing ROI.

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