“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time” – Ron Hall

Today’s attendees are looking for more from the event experience. They want an opportunity to make a positive impact and do some good in the world. More and more, they are searching for authentic, feel-good experiences.

With the Random Acts of Kindness Day recently celebrated, we felt it was the perfect time to take a look at some trends that don’t just positively impact the event experience, but the people and world around us too. Whether it’s investing in sustainably-sourced food, supporting a local charity, or sharing a positive message, becoming a little kinder with your event isn’t hard to do, and your attendees will certainly thank you for it. Events have enormous potential for good. Here are the latest trends that we love.

Heartfelt partnerships

Fundraising is nothing new when it comes to event trends, but we are seeing more and more event creators raising the bar when it comes to supporting local causes.


Working more collaboratively with charity partners is one of the most positive trends we’ve seen on the rise. Celtic Whiskey Shop, who regularly partners with charity groups such as DEBRA Ireland and Mary’s Meals, is a standout example when it comes to successful fundraising and charity partnerships. Julie Christie, Head of Marketing shares the importance of working together with your charity partners:

“Listen to the charity’s advice, they have a different approach to events and quite often come up with lots of interesting ideas to interlink the charity and the event in a better way – as opposed to it being two separate things. We had tattoo parlours at Gin Experience Dublin, where the team at DEBRA Ireland tattooed their logo onto everyone, making it great fun and also a chance to get the word out.” – Julie Christie,

Hack Access Dublin is also an inspiring example of how event creators and charities can come together to make a meaningful impact. As part of Great Life Distillery’s focus on social impact, Founder Janice Valentine runs Hack Access Dublin, in collaboration with its charity partner, Rehab Group. The hackathon provides a forum for people with various skills and interests to work collaboratively and find forward-thinking solutions to make Dublin a more inclusive and accessible city.


When it comes to picking partners, always consider socially responsible brands that serve as an extension of your own brand and beliefs. Events are a powerful means to connect with like-minded people and shine a spotlight on important social causes to inspire change.

Combining working out with altruistic missions

The connection between charity and fitness is a long-established trend in the events industry. Who hasn’t sponsored a friend running a 10K for a good cause? But rather than using fitness as a means to fundraise, we’re seeing more and more organisations taking the trend to a new level to actively give back while working out. GoodGym is an exercise group that combines exercise with social contribution. GoodGym hosts mission runs where attendees run to visit a socially isolated older person or help them out with a practical task like gardening.

Plogolution is another organisation promoting giving back while working out. ’Plogging’ is a Scandinavian trend that combines litter-picking with jogging – an increasingly popular trend that’s popping up around the world.

In an era of epidemic levels of anxiety, linking up group exercise with good deeds can help people to feel they’re having a practical, palpable impact for the good.


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Show your attendees some love

Think about how can you incorporate wellness and R&R into your agenda. Event lineups becoming less about jam-packed itineraries and more about wellness and dedicated time for rest and recuperation. This can be achieved by bringing wellness experts onto your speaker panel, hosting live event experiences like meditation and yoga, or by simply allowing more space and time to think, reflect and relax. More events are now going ‘offline’ too to exchange our fast-paced lives for more peaceful experiences.

Sustainability styling

Few event trends have taken on quite as much momentum as going green. The latest trends we’re seeing when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendly behaviour are truly pushing the boundaries of both imagination and resourcefulness. Kind practices like managing emissions, reducing waste and donating leftovers should now be a given for any event, so we want to take a look at some of the more creative options.


One green trend that’s really taking off when it comes to styling your event sustainably is living décor. Choosing décor and centrepieces that are alive and can be replanted after the event not only looks beautiful and fresh, but it’s a much kinder option for our environment too. Opt for long-lasting, native and in-season flowers that can have a rich and happy life long after your event.

Sourcing locally is always favourable when it comes to going green, so why not consider approaching local artists? Engaging nearby artists is not only a great way to support and showcase local talent, but it’s also a chance to create a really unique vibe at your event. Consider contracting local graffiti artists to make a mural or commission some original pieces to compliment the theme of your event. You could top it all off with a silent auction to support a local cause.

The war on plastic lives on

While the war on single-use plastic was unleashed in 2018, it will remain a key trend in the coming years. One simple measure you can take to combat plastic waste is to provide running water and ask your attendees to bring reusable water bottles. Another Love Story, champions of sustainability, go so far as to ask attendees to bring a reusable water bottle, coffee mug, and cutlery to help reduce the number of plastic bottles and coffee cups on site. If you want to be particularly generous to your attendees, you could provide a sustainable swag bag with all these items on arrival.


Have some fun with your sustainable suppliers

As leaders in the industry, it’s our responsibility to demand that the vendors we choose to work with have sustainable practices in place, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. We’ve discussed opting for local and sustainable food vendors before, but why not take it one step further?


If you’re running a summer festival, or want to add a little pizazz to your corporate event, why not consider someone like the Jingo Tribe who can make your guests sparkle with ethically-sourced, biodegradable, guilt-free glitter. Kind people with big hearts and dreams are all around us doing incredible things for our planet. As event creators, you are in a powerful position to work alongside these people to provide a platform for positive change. Make sure to share your vision with the suppliers operating at your event and give them the opportunity to think outside the box and get creative with new eco-friendly ideas.

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Doing good through your event doesn’t just benefit the world around you, it increases brand equity and credibility with your attendees and sponsors too. Events are becoming more and more focused on kindness, wellbeing, inspiring change and bringing people together for a purpose. And no matter how small your act of kindness, you know you’re on the right path to making a positive impact with your event.

To find out more about the power of purpose-driven events and how you can make a make your event a little, check out our  Event Creator’s Guide to Purpose-Driven Events.

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