When it comes to promoting your festival, organisers must remember that when you target everyone, you actually target no one.

In order to personalise your communications, it’s essential that you understand exactly who you’re talking too. This is where target personas come into play.

What are personas?

Personas are fictional characters who represent your ideal event attendees. Defining these personas from the outset allows you to create more tailored content for your potential attendees.

Personas help you to better understand the needs, challenges, and aspirations of your target audience, bringing a human element to your content and overall marketing initiatives.

As a food festival organiser, it’s likely that your event will serve many different segments or personas, but it helps to zero in on your most valuable fans – those you want to connect with most at your event.

Personas should be built upon two key components:

  • Buyer profile – relevant demographic and geographic details that describe your ideal attendee
  • Buyer intent – relevant psychographic and behavioural characteristics that shed light on the decision-making process of your ideal attendee

To help you get started, we’ve built out an example of an ideal food festival attendee  (check out the typical music festival attendee and community festival attendee, too):

Example Number 2

Meet Social Saoirse!

Personal Profile

Saoirse decided to go vegan two years ago and has been growing a large social following to share her experience. Saoirse works full time as a marketing account manager, but runs a vegan food blog on the side. She has a glamorous Instagram account where she shares updates of her new vegan ventures and promotes the benefits of her plant-based lifestyle. Saoirse eats out 3 times a week and isn’t afraid to spend money on food, though she prefers the freebies in return for promotion. Her weekends are spent looking for Dublin’s trendiest vegan hangouts and food stalls. She lives life through a lens and shares updates and photos from all her favourite vegan hotspots, along with her homemade vegan recipes.

  • 26 years old
  • Single
  • Lives in Dublin
  • Account manager at a marketing agency
  • Earns approx £30K per year
  • Spends most income on organic ingredients and trying new vegan restaurants and cafes
  • Happy to spend money on vegan popups, and festivals with decent food stalls
Online behaviour
  • Instagram is her lifeline. She posts about 10 times a week and adds to her story on a daily basis
  • She has approximately 5K followers
  • Blogs twice a week, sharing vegan recipes, reviews, and ideas for sustainable living
  • Also very active on Pinterest and Snapchat
  • Actively searches for new recipes, cafes, and pop-ups
  • Religiously follows and interacts with other vegan influencers and bloggers, like Veghuns and Rosanna Davison
  • Reacts best to image-based and video content
Hopes and dreams
  • Aspires to continue growing her social influence
  • Hopes to be approached more by brands looking for promotion
  • Recently got into yoga and dreams of travelling the world to take part in yoga retreats
What influences her
  • Food bloggers and Instagram influencers
  • Her friends
  • Any blogs, articles, magazines on clean living
Worries and frustrations
  • Bored with her 9-5 job
  • Struggles to save money
  • Securing enough followers and social engagement to succeed in the Instagram space
  • Finding time to keep her blog up to date
What she’s looking for from a festival
  • Festivals and pop-ups where she can ‘be seen’
  • Interested in aesthetics and ‘Instagrammable’ photo opportunities
  • Inspiration and vegan recipe ideas for her blog to demonstrate that a plant-based diet can be just as tasty and fun
  • Opportunities to meet and hang out with other influencers in the space
  • Happy to spend money to get the perfect photo opportunity and will bring friends (Saoirse will often be the social ringleader)
What festivals/events will she attend this year?

Now you’ve met Social Saoirse, go market to her! You know where she hangs out online, her biggest influences, and what she is really looking for in a festival.

Never under-estimate the power of personas when it comes to mapping out your marketing strategy. Your most valuable attendees are the key drivers of your event’s success. Getting to know them can help you to make your content more customer-centric and ultimately lead to greater attendance, loyalty, and killer ROI.

For more tips on creating the perfect personas for your marketing strategy, check out our cheat-sheet on The Power of Personas.

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