Increased competition on the Irish festival scene means creators need to up their social media game if they want to stand out in an attendee’s social feed. Crafting the perfect social copy is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of the process that can make or break your ticket selling ability.

To get your messaging right, you need to take the time to map out your brand story, establish a consistent tone of voice, and most importantly, find out what makes your audience tick.

Here are our top tips to craft the perfect social copy to sell more tickets. 

Tell YOUR story

Every brand needs its own voice, so think beyond generic copy to make your social copy your own. It’s important that you establish your own tone of voice, and stick to it! Creating consistency with your content helps to reinforce your identity and build trust with your audience. When your audience scrolls through their feed, they should recognise you immediately. 

This is your chance to tell your festival story and really allow your personality to shine through. Is your festival focused on a particular niche? Do you have a theme this year? Think about how you can communicate these elements in a compelling way. Be specific with your language and colourful with your words to really stand out.

Craft the Perfect Social Copy for Your Festival - Another Love Story

Paint a picture

It’s not just about choosing the most striking, eye-catching imagery for your posts. You need to make sure you choose the right visuals to harmonise with your copy. Remember, it’s usually the imagery that entices your audience to stop mid-scroll, but if your visuals have no connection with your text, your audience will most likely scroll right on. 

Your images and videos should both complement and reinforce your copy and paint a picture of the story you want to tell. Make sure all components of your social media post work together to deliver an engaging story to your audience. 

Craft the Perfect Social Copy for Your Festival - Body & Soul

Be engaging

Invite your audience into the conversation with questions and include images and scenarios that appeal to their dreams and desires. Are you seeking out a particular persona for your festival? Then use your copy to let your target audience know that you created your festival for them!

Craft the Perfect Social Copy for Your Festival - Another Love Story

When it comes to promoting your festival, creators should remember that when you target everyone, you actually target no one. Personalise your communications by showing your audience that you understand them, their aspirations, and their desires. This is where target personas come into play. Defining these personas from the outset will help you to create more tailored and personalised content for your audience. 

Whether you’re organising a music festival, a foodie fiesta, or a community event, it’s important to have a picture of your most valuable attendees so you can speak to them directly. 

Here are some Irish festival persona examples to get you started: 

The Typical Irish Food Festival Attendee

The Typical Irish Music Festival Attendee

The Typical Irish Community Event Attendee

Check yourself!

You want your social media copy to give your potential audience a glimpse of the festival experience on offer. Even the smallest of typos can jolt them out of the moment and disturb the story you’re trying to tell – and damage your reputation too! Always re-read your post to eliminate any spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes. 

Keep it clear

If you want to drive ticket sales, you need to make sure your audience knows exactly what you want them to do when they see your post. Leave no room for uncertainty. Unclear copy with a vague CTA (call to action) is a sure-fire way to lose out on valuable clicks and potential attendees.

To succeed, you need to create a clear story that not only engages your followers, but drives ticket sales too. If you want your audience to buy festival tickets, tell them exactly how to do it!

Craft the Perfect Social Copy for Your Festival - Knockanstockan

Test and learn

Never assume you know exactly what makes your audience tick. The results may surprise you. It’s important to a/b test imagery, formats, and the length of your copy. For example, many social media experts claim that shorter copy drives more engagement, while others argue that longer, more explanatory copy converts better. 

We recommend trialling different lengths to see what your audience responds to. Keep a close eye on performance analytics and optimise towards the type of posts that are driving conversions. If you do opt for more lengthy copy, make sure you get your hook in right at the beginning before the copy truncates. This will allow your audience to catch the gist of your post without having to hit ‘see more,’ and hopefully will entice them to do so!

Running successful campaigns is a constant circle of learning. Build, test, optimise, and learn. And then do it all over again! 

Have fun!

Above all else, have fun with your social marketing. More often than not, festival creators are trying to sell a fun experience, so it’s important to set this tone from the offset. Don’t take your brand too seriously! You want to be relatable. 

Craft the Perfect Social Copy for Your Festival - Vantastival

Your greatest aim should be to forge an emotional connection with your potential attendees. More often than not, people don’t buy for logical reasons – the buy for emotional reasons. You want to capitalise on this by crafting copy that encourages your audience to relate to your brand on a deeper level.

Excellent social media copy should be three things – targeted, polished, and engaging.  

But with limited time and resources, producing a constant stream of fresh, engaging content can be tricky for festival creators. That’s why we want to make your life easier by providing a bunch of social media copy templates that you can start using right away.

Ready to get started? Download our tipsheet 51 Social Media Ad Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Event to transform your festival promotion today.

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